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Description: This webinar illustrates the many and varied applications of geosynthetics which can (and have been) used in agriculture and aquaculture. The users are either focused on improved productivity or lower cost of operations. A brief explanation of geosynthetics will begin the webinar followed by specific operations. In the agriculture area, these are various farming applications, confined animal feedlots, anaerobic digesters and emerging concepts. In the aquaculture area, these are lined ponds, factory controlled systems and offshore fish pens and cages.

Exposed geomembrane lifetimes will be offered from the perspective of laboratory predictions as well as a benefit/cost method for geomembrane solution. Conclusions in both areas will also be offered.

· Learn about geosynthetics and their functions
· Learn select aspects of farming and animal waste containment
· Learn specific aspects about CAFO’s, anaerobic digesters, and emerging concepts insofar as geosynthetic applications are concerned
· Learn about the three categories of fish farming insofar as fish growth and harvesting.
· Learn about exposed geomembrane lifetime predictions based on current technology
· Learn how to select geomembranes based on a benefit/cost ratio analysis
Objectives: Webinar participants will gain an overview of geosynthetics vis-à-vis various containment concepts. In the agriculture sector, specific issues of animal waste concerns (e.g., CAFO’s) will be described as well as anaerobic digesters. In the aquaculture section, focus is on fish farming both on land and in water, including lakes and oceans.

Emerging concepts in agriculture such as enhancement of farming practices, geotextile capillary barriers, odor control floating covers, and odor permeable geomembranes will be presented. In aquaculture the use of geogrid enclosures will be emphasized. Exposed geomembrane lifetimes, via laboratory simulation methods, will be presented as will the benefit/cost methodology for selecting the optimum type of geomembrane.
Topics: 1.0 Geosynthetic Materials
2.2 Farming Operations and Containment Concepts
3.0 Confined Animal Feedlots and Anaerobic Digesters
4.0 Emerging Concepts and Applications
5.0 Aquaculture, aka “Fish Farms”
6.0 Exposed Geomembrane Lifetimes
7.0 Geomembrane Lifetimes and Selection Process
8.0 Conclusions
Language: English
Professors: Robert Koerner
Units: 2
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